Android Photography Apps: Sunrise Sunset

The Sunrise Sunset application for Android is perhaps one of the most useful photo tools available. This is designed to make it very simple to find out when the sun rises and when it sets. Unlike some other tools, this does not improve the camera at all. Instead, this tool can be used to work out exactly when the sun rises at specific locations in the world so that you can make the most of the day.

When shooting outside, you will be restricted to shooting when it's light. This app means that you can know exactly when it's possible to shoot photographs so that you can make the most of your time.

What Is It?

Sunrise Sunset is a wonderful application for any photographer because it makes it easy to find out the best times of the day to shoot. All photographers know that it's essential to shoot only in excellent light conditions. This is very restricting when shooting outdoors because it can be very difficult to stick to these strict hours. Adding additional light can also be a real challenge.

This app makes it very simple to work out the time of sunrise and sunset by opening the app. Once the application is opened, it will give you the time based on your current location. Your location is worked out using GPS, which makes it ideal for anyone who is traveling.

Ease of Use

The app is very easy to use. When it's first opened, it will display the times for your current location. It's very easy to adjust the location by pressing the menu button on your phones keypad. You can then adjust the location to many different places around the world. The app also tells you the current time and date in your chosen location which makes it ideal for travelers too.


Any traveling photographers who frequently visit foreign countries in order to take photographs will find that it's really easy to use this app. By installing this app they can instantly check the sunrise and sunset times all around he globe before they even leave their door.

Perfect Lighting

Light is very important for all photographers because without it, the photographs won't turn out correctly. In order to achieve the best photos, you must shoot when there are great light conditions. These are very rare. The best time to shoot will be an hour after sunset or an hour before sunset. This makes the sun low down in the sky, which lends itself perfectly to photography.


This is a free application which can be downloaded from the market place. The easiest way to find this is by searching in the app store, although it's also possible to search on your computer and scan the barcode into your phone to download it straight to the phone.


This is a wonderfully simple app which works amazingly well. This is perfect for any photographer or traveler who wants to find out about the shooting times. It's also surprisingly accurate.