Android Photography Apps: Snap Photo Pro

Snap Photo Pro is an application available for the Android G1. While the Android has many great features, its 3.2 megapixel camera can benefit from additional software. The application allows the user to turn the in-phone camera into a virtual photo studio.

Added Stability

While using Stability Mode, the app will utilize the Androids accelerometer. This allows stability in situations that are not ideal. This can come in handy on road trips where some photos will need to be captured from a moving car. Be aware that this will not provide perfect photos, and you will need to focus on the subject for a few seconds. The app senses movement, and will wait to capture the image until it senses more stability.

PhotoBooth Photos

Another fun tool featured with Snap Photo Pro is the PhotoBooth mode. This will allow the user to take a preset number of photos as quickly as the camera can without having to depress any buttons. This is popular when paired with the timer.


The edit mode gives the user a wide variety of options for sprucing up the photos. Adjusting the brightness, contrast and color levels can all be done before the image is saved. The app also allows a user to add borders, draw on top of the photo, and add time stamps. Filters are also available through the editing screens. This allows a photo to be changed using filters such as emboss, exposure, pixelate, ripple, sphere, water and others. If the photo isn't what the user expected, the edits can be undone by simply resetting the original image. Both the original image and the edits can be saved as well. This ensures an original copy is available.

Longpress Focus

Using longpress focus will allow a user to focus on an image before the photo is taken. To use this, the user will simply press on the screen. When their finger is lifted, the image is captured by the camera. This is useful if the subject of the photo is moving.

Tap Screen Capture

Another beneficial feature is the ability to simply tap the bottom right of the screen to capture a photo. This is good for impromptu moments where loading the camera and pressing the trackball or camera button can take valuable seconds. This feature needs to be turned on in the advanced settings of the app.

Other Features

While many camera phones are limited with what they can do, the Snap Photo Pro app turns the camera phone into a higher quality camera. Other features include grid overlay screens, image quality toggle, white balance and low light modes. The app also creates folders based on the day the image was originally taken. This can make it easier to locate specific photos later on. Images can be uploaded to a computer for further processing if desired, and the original edits can be touched up, eliminated or saved as is.