Android Photography Apps: Retro Camera

Anyone who wants to take interesting photos on their Android camera phone should use the Retro Camera application to make their photos look much more interesting. This app is designed to make your photos look much older as if they were taken on an older style camera. This makes them look much more interesting and special.

What Is It?

Retro Camera is an interesting application which is designed to turn your photos into much older versions. This makes it easy to make your photographs look like they were taken with older cameras. While this might not sound interesting, it can create some very interesting results.


There are 4 different cameras to choose from and four different filters. These include black and white effects, vignetting and film scratches. These filters are all inspired by vintage cameras including Polaroid.

Why Use It?

Retro Cam is perfect for anyone who enjoys taking photos. Almost anyone using an android camera will use it quite often to take photographs. Retro cam is ideal for these closet android camera nuts who want to add interesting effects to their camera. The photos that you take are ideal for use on MySpace or Facebook accounts. If you want to create effects without needing to tap on your screen and make edits manually then this app is perfect for you.


Another reason why this app is so popular is because it's free. The app isn't even supported by ads which make it a real pleasure to use. This allows you to experience new technology to make your photographs look old.


The latest version of the software is version 2.3, and this is suitable for use on all versions of Android including the latest versions. You also need a camera and plenty of storage space to fit all of your photos onto.

The app itself is very small and only takes under a minute to download to your phone. Once it's installed, you will be able to create some vintage photographs that you will be proud of. These are ideal for anyone interested in photography.


This is a wonderful and unique application which is perfect for anyone who enjoys photography. The filters and effects which can be applied are unique and very enjoyable.