Android Photography Apps: Pixelpipe Pro

The PixelPipe application is a useful photo application that can be installed on Android mobile phones. Android is one of the most popular operating systems used on mobile phones and portable devices. Many of these phones feature a camera that can be improved by using add on software. Pixelpipe is an extremely useful application which makes it simple to share your photographs online.

Photos are easy to take with mobile phones but they don't belong on there. It's good to be able to get all the photos off and share them with your friends and family. That's exactly what this app does.

What is PixelPipe?

PixelPipe is a useful application that makes sharing your photos very simple. This is a great app to use because your photos do not belong on your phone but instead deserve to be shared. PixelPipe means that you can easily send your photos to lots of different social networking sites on the Internet. PixelPipe means that you can quickly and easily send photos almost anywhere.

Why Use it?

If you take a lot of photos on your phone then there's a good chance that they stay there without anything happening to them. While it's easy to show other people the photos on your phone they shouldn't just stay on the phone. Instead you should find a way to get them off so that more people can enjoy them. PixelPipe makes this whole process much more simple. The application can upload your photos to over 75 different social networking sites including FaceBook and Twitter.

This is very useful because you will take your phone everywhere you go. This means that even if you can't take your camera with you that you will be able to take photos. Pixelpipe isn't just useful for people who want to keep their friends and family updated but it's also great for professionals looking for a way to share their photos.

Ease of Use

The application is very easy to use. When you first run the app you will be asked for a number of details about your accounts at major social networking sites. You can choose the photos that you want to upload to certain sites by tapping on them on the screen. The photos are then automatically uploaded to your social networking sites very quickly. You are also given a process indicator which shows you how long the whole thing will take to finish.

You can also give your photos a title and description. It's also very easy to assign certain tags to the photos which will make it possible for other people to find them on the social networking sites.

If you're using Twitter you can include a link to a multimedia file or a PDF file. The links are converted into a short domain name to make it easier to follow and remember. Pixelpipe also sends updates to your Facebook stream.


There are many other apps that do a similar job to PixelPipe. However, this app is very quick and easy to use. It consumes very little space on your phone which makes it easy to use on all phones even the oldest models.