Android Photography Apps: PicSay

PicSay is a popular android application which can be used to have extra fun with your photographs. Almost all android mobile phones have a built in camera. this is useful because it is taken everywhere you go. However it doesn't really do a whole lot. PicSay allows you to put text on top of your images or add various things to it.

This application might not improve the quality of the photos but it does make it easy to have great fun with your photos. This makes it easy to add things to your photos without needing to first download it to your computer.

What Is It?

Moon Phase is a useful application which tells you about the current phases of the moon. The moon is a very interesting object in the sky which goes through a cycle every month. Throughout the month the moon will change shape and size. Moon Phase is an interesting application which means that it's very easy to track the movement of the moon across the sky.


This application is free for all android users. The application can be installed on all of the versions of Android including the latest versions.

Why Would You Want this Application?

If you want to take nighttime photography then knowing what the moon is doing is very useful. The moon provides all of the illumination at night. By taking photos at different phases of the moons cycles you can create very different look. If you are taking photos of stars then photographing without a full moon will be easier because the full moon makes everything else invisible.

Moon Phase will show you exactly what the moon is doing on certain days. It's also possible to adjust the dates simply on your phone.

Ease of Use

The application is very simple to use. When you load it the app will automatically detect your location and use the date of your phone. This means that the app will display the moon phase at the current location. The app can be displayed as a widget on the phones desktop which makes it really easy to see what the moon is doing. Flicking up and down on the screen makes it easy to change the date to see what the moon is doing at different times of the month.

It's also very easy to see what the moon is doing in other parts of the world by selecting different locations from the map. With all of the different locations selected the moon phases will change and display the moon for that location.


The application is also a lot of fun to use. The moon can be displayed as the real thing, a cartoon or as a ball of cheese. There is also a ware wolf warning which sounds when there is a full moon just for a bit of fun.


This is a useful application for anyone who is interested in taking nighttime photography and needs to know exactly what the moon is doing throughout the month. This means that they will be able to take the best photos by considering the illumination.