Android Photography Apps: PicSay Pro

PicSay Pro is an award winning photo editor for Android cell phones. The PicSay Pro application allows you to get creative with photos that you take on your Android. You can use PicSay Pro to make color corrections to your photos or to apply special effects to your photos. There is a free version of PicSay and a pro version of PicSay Pro available at the Android Market. The pro version of PicSay includes additional features, such as paint and geotagging. PicSay Pro is available on all cell phones that run the Google Android operating system.

Photo Personalization

PicSay Pro makes it easy to add text to your photos. PicSay Pro comes preloaded with styled word balloons and titles. You can even add beards, hair and glasses to the photos that you have taken with your Android cell phone. If you want to poke fun at the subject of your photo, you can apply stickers, symbols and pointers to the photo through the PicSay Pro application for Android.

Selective Desaturation

Selective desaturation is one of the coolest features of PicSay Pro. Selecting desaturation allows you to make a certain aspect of your photo pop. To use selective desaturation, you need to convert your entire photo to black and white. You can then bring back the original colors of the subject of your photo by using History Paint.

Changing Heads

PicSay Pro is an application that you can really have fun with. You can use PicSay Pro to cut out the head or any other body part of a subject in one photo. You can then place that head or body part on a different picture that you have taken with your Android cell phone. You can even save your cutouts so that you can use them in future pictures that you edit in PicSay Pro. If the head that you have placed in a new picture does not seem to fit in, you can make color adjustments in an attempt to blend the head and body together.

Obtaining PicSay Pro

To download and install PicSay Pro on your Android cell phone, you will need to press the Market icon on your Android cell phone. Once the Android Market loads, click on the search icon, which is represented by a magnifying glass. To download PicSay Pro, type PicSay Pro into the search box and press enter. If you want to download the free version of PicSay, type PicSay into the search box and press enter.

PicSay Pro is only available in countries that have support for priced applications. The price that is listed for PicSay Pro is listed in Euros. Your Android cell phone can convert that price to United States dollars just before you make your purchase. To download and install PicSay or PicSay Pro, click on the icon that shows up after you have pressed Enter and press Install. Your Android cell phone will automatically install the PicSay application.