Android Photography Apps: Photoshop Mobile

Photoshop Mobile is a photo editing application that is now available for all Android cell phones. Photoshop Mobile has many of the same features that a traditional copy of Photoshop has. You can use Photoshop Mobile to crop, rotate and flip photos. Photoshop Mobile also allows you to adjust the tint and saturation of the photos that you have taken with your Android cell phone. This guideline will go over the many features of Photoshop Mobile, as well as directions for installing Photoshop Mobile.

Editing Photos

You can quickly and easily edit photos in Photoshop Mobile by simply dragging your finger across the screen of your Android cell phone. With the touch of a finger, you can color correct, rotate and crop your photos. Photoshop Mobile also allows you to add a soft focus to your photos, make your photos black and white, and add a sepia tint to your photos. Photoshop Mobile comes with a photo browser that allows you to view all of the photos that you have taken with your Android cell phone. If you like how your photo has turned out in Photoshop Mobile, you can even save it as the wallpaper for your Android phone. Photoshop Mobile also has an option that allows you to create a slideshow of photos that you have edited.

Auto Uploading

Photoshop Mobile allows you to automatically upload your photos to your Photoshop account. You can create a Photoshop account by visiting the Photoshop website. There are no costs associated with creating a Photoshop account. Once you have created a Photoshop account, you can turn on auto upload in your copy of Photoshop Mobile. By enabling auto upload, Photoshop Mobile will automatically upload every picture that you take to your Photoshop account. You can also access your Photoshop account directly from your Android cell phone.

Installing Photoshop Mobile

You have two options for installing Photoshop Mobile on your Android cell phone. One option is to head on over to the Photoshop Mobile website. You will notice a bar code, or QR code, at the top of the Photoshop Mobile website. If you have installed the Bar Code Scanner application on your Android cell phone, you can use the camera on your Android cell phone to scan the code. Your Android cell phone will then direct you to the page where you can download Photoshop Mobile.

You can also install Photoshop Mobile by visiting the Android Market. You can access the Android Market by pressing the Market icon on your Android. The Market icon is looks like a white shopping bag. Once the Market loads, press on the search box, which is represented by a magnifying glass. Type Photoshop Mobile into the search box and press enter. When the Photoshop Mobile icon loads on your Android cell phone, press Install. Your Android cell phone will automatically download and install Photoshop Mobile for you.