Android Photography Apps: Photo Tools

The many different photo tools available for Android make using the camera on your phone even easier and more useful. There are dozens of different photo applications which add many different features to your camera. The camera on your mobile phone won't be as capable as a state of the art digital camera, however, it is fairly capable.

The major advantage with mobile phone cameras is that you will take it everywhere you go. This means that you will be able to whip out your camera and take photos of anything you want. By choosing the photo tools carefully, it will be much simpler to take high quality photos.

Choosing the Different Photo Tools

There are many different photo apps that you can choose from on the Android market place. You will need to decide which ones you want to install. This article looks at some of the best tools which can be installed on your own Android smart phone.


The Android lookout app is one of the best in the world. This is very useful because it is a free security app. The app actually has proven success, as it has managed to catch a thief who stole an android phone. This is a suite of separate apps including anti virus theft protection and also backup features.

This is an app that everyone should have on their phone if they make use of the camera. The backup feature is very useful just in case anything happens to your phone. It will also protect you if your phone is stolen. The suite also includes an anti virus application, which will protect you from any viruses designed for android.

Retro Camera

Anyone who wants to take interesting photographs will be able to use Retro Camera. This is a useful app for anyone who wants to take old fashioned looking photos.

Camera Zoom FX

This is another useful photo tool which offers many different effects. These effects are very interesting because they are either interesting or enhance the photos. Some of these filters make your images look much better, while others are just good for novelty reasons.

Depth of Field App

The Depth of field calculator app helps you to work out the depth of field calculations. While this might not be suitable for everyone, it is ideal for anyone trying to learn photography. It's a great app to explain the basics of photography, and the diagrams help you to understand exactly what they mean.


PicSay is a free application which is designed to annotate and share your photos through the app. You can easily add geotagging, captions and speech bubbles if wanted.


Photo Flux is an app which uses the GPS system in your phone. This software will detect your location and then download photos from nearby from Flickr. You can then open any of the photographs to learn more information about the tourist destination. This app makes it really easy to find your way to some beautiful locations close to where you are.

There are so many different apps available for Android that you will need to spend some time comparing and looking for the very best ones.