Android Photography Apps: My Tracks

If you don't have another GPS unit for geotagging, then you can use the My Tracks application to turn your phone into one. Your android phone has a built in GPS receiver, which can be used to detect your location. This is normally used for navigation, however, it's also useful for geotagging your photos. When left on the default mode, it will update your location every few minutes. This keeps everyone informed of exactly where you are.

This is a useful photography application because you will be able to easily keep tracks of exactly where you were when you took certain photos. If you find yourself forgetting about where you took the photos, then this is a very useful app.

What Is It?

My Tracks is a great application which can be used on your Android mobile phone. These use the GPS in your phone to monitor your movements and track where you moved. This app is ideal for hikers, runners and cyclists who want to be able to track their movements between two points.

Ease of Use

This is a very easy to use application which makes tracking your movements very simple. Your current location will be displayed on your Google map. This gives you an indication of where you are at the moment. When you press the menu button, you are then able to record your movements. The application will automatically monitor your speed, time, elevation and all sorts of other useful information.


The application has good integration with both Google Maps and Google Docs. This makes it easy to monitor and look at your movements. The details can be uploaded to Google spreadsheets to look at your activity. You can also email your photos and route to your contacts. You can also link to the Google map, which will make it easy to show people where you went.


There are a number of advantages for using this app. It's a nice, simple application, which provides you with plenty of statistics about your movements. It also has wonderful integration with Google Maps and Google Docs. It's one of the simplest articles of this type to use.

There are, however, some disadvantages. You can't pause the trip which means that the software will constantly be monitoring your every move. It's also not possible to cache the maps offline and view them when you don't have Internet access.


The trouble with My Tracks is that it will update your location very often. This causes problems with the battery life of your device. If you find this is an issue, then you can adjust the update times. You could also put the phone into airplane mode once it locks onto your current location. This will turn off the radios on your phone while still being able to use the GPS module. Although it is normally possible to use the app normally by turning on airplane mode, there are some bugs in some phones which cause problems.


The My Tracks android application is perfect for anyone who wants to monitor their movements. This makes it ideal for anyone like a cyclist or runner.