Android Photography Apps: Lookout

The Android Lookout app can be a useful way to backup all of your photos to an online service. If you are a keen user of your phones camera, then you will need to back everything up for security. These backups are very useful because they will make it possible to access your photos no matter what happens to your phone. If you lost your phone or if it broke then without this service, you could well lose all your photos.

Although you could backup all your photos to a memory card, this would still be a problem if you lost your phone. All of the photos are automatically backed up to the Internet service on a regular basis. They can then be accessed on the Internet should you ever need to.

What Is It?

Lookout is a well known security application for Android. This has an excellent reputation as it has proven success. It was used to catch two guys who stole an Android phone. This features a suite of separate tools including Anti virus tools, mobile security and theft prevention tools.

Anti Virus

Viruses on mobile devices were once unheard of, but they are becoming more and more common. The anti virus is a scanner which can be used to detect viruses on the phone which are from the Internet or from your computer. This tool is also capable of scanning your memory card and looking for any viruses which could be on it.


Perhaps one of the most useful tools in the suite from a photographers point of view is the backup functions. This automatically backs up all of your photos regularly just in case anything happens to your phone. By doing this, it is possible to download all of your photos from the Internet.


Another very popular feature is the theft or missing device option. This can help you to locate your phone by showing where the phone currently is. It's also possible to turn on a very loud alarm by clicking a button.


This is a free application, which is very useful. Protecting your photos and information is very important because everyone relies so much on their phones these days.

Ease of Use

Perhaps the best thing about the application is that it's extremely easy to use. It's fully automated, which makes it simple to keep your phone and its data safe. Every time you download an app to your phone, the software will automatically scan through it to look for viruses or other threats.

The backup feature is also fully automated. If you do lose any photos or lose your phone, then you can still access all of your photos at This is an easy way to ensure that your photos are safe and that you will always be able to get them back should you need to.

Most smart phones feature GPS modules which makes it easy to track them down if you lose them. This app supports that and by turning it on, it should be fairly easy to keep tabs on where your phone is and find a way to get it back.