Android Photography Apps: LifePics

LifePics is a useful service which makes it possible to print the photos on your mobile phone. Mobile phones have excellent cameras these days, and it's a shame that they quite often stay on the phone without anything happening to them.

LifePics is one of the easiest ways to order prints of your photos. These prints can be ordered from within the application and this will make it very simple to get physical copies of your digital photographs. These can easily be shown to your friends and family whenever they visit. These photos can also be stored in traditional photo frames or put into frames and hung onto your wall.

What Is It?

LifePics is a well known service providing prints from digital images. It's possible to order prints on the Internet, however, this isn't always convenient. A much more convenient option is to use the Android LifePics application. By installing this application on your phone, it is very easy to order prints directly from your phone.

Why Would You Want It?

Anyone with an android phone has many different apps to choose from. That means that you need to prioritize and decide exactly which apps you should install. The LifePics app should be installed to make it really simple to order prints of your photographs. Digital photo frames might look great, but nothing beats a real photo that you can put on your wall.

Ease of Use

The application is designed to make it really easy to order your prints. The app makes full use of the touch screen, which makes it simple to select the photos you want printed, the format, size and type of paper used to print it. Once you have chosen all of these things, you can then click the button and send off your order. The prints can be paid for using major credit cards.

There are also many retail locations up and down the country where you can collect your photos from. This means that you are able to save on expensive postage costs and also get your hands on the photos much quicker.


The application itself is available for free. It can be downloaded from the LifePics site or the Android Market Place. It's very easy to install the software, and it can be used as soon as it's installed. If you do decide to order the prints of photos, then you will need to pay for these. Payments can be made using credit or debit cards.


LifePics is one of the best known companies producing prints from digital images. This is ideal for anyone who uses their mobile phone camera on a regular basis. Photos should be printed out and kept rather than always stored on your phone or computers hard drive. When LifePics is installed, you can order prints without needing to even touch a computer.