Android Photography Apps: Kids Frames

Sometimes you might like to use an application such as Kids Frame on your android phone to make photographs look much more professional and special. The main purpose of Kids Frames is to make it very easy to put frames around the photographs that you take with the camera on your Android phone. All of these frames are ideal for children because they are very childish designs. They are very cute and friendly. When a photo is printed, it will keep the fancy frame so that it will look amazing.

Kids Frames is ideal if you are taking any photos of children. These frames will appeal to children because they are very attractive. This is a great way to get your kids interested in photography.

What Is It?

Kids Frames is a very useful and friendly application which is designed to make your photographs much more appealing to children. If you are taking photos of children or trying to get kids interested in photography, then you might be looking for a way to make this possible.

Kids Frames will put digital frames around your masterpieces to make them look much more special. The frames are all designed specifically with children in mind. These are friendly and cute for anyone looking at them. There are many different frames to choose from depending on what you are taking a photograph of.


This is a free photo application which is very easy to download and install. The app can be downloaded for free from the Android marketplace. It's possible to download the app on your phone by scanning a barcode or by searching for it by name. Although the app is free, the developer would welcome donations to help speed up development of the software.


The main purpose of Kids Frames is to add children's frames around the outside of your photographs. The photos can easily have any frames you want fitted.


There are lots of different photo frames which are included as standard with Kids Frames. The number of these are expanding every week. They include lots of baby themed and princess photo frames which are perfect for kids.

Ease of Use

When choosing an Android phone app, it's important to ensure that it is very easy to use. Kids Frames is a nicely designed app and this means that even children can use it. The interface is well designed and this makes it a real joy to use. The app has a menu which makes loading a photo easy, and then the frames can be placed around the image. The photo can then be re-sized so that it fits perfectly in the frame and looks perfect.


The Kids Frames application is updated regularly with new frames being added on a weekly basis. The latest version is 1.7.0 and this can be used on all versions of Android. It can be downloaded through the app store and updated automatically every time a new version is released.


Anyone taking children's photos will find that the Kids Frames application is perfect. This has lots of different frames, which makes it very easy to change the way your photographs look.