Android Photography Apps: Just Pictures

The Just Pictures android application is a wonderful app which makes it very easy to show people photos from all over the Internet. This application connects seamlessly many Internet photo sharing sites including Facebook and Flickr. If you ever wanted to show people photographs that you found on the Internet then this will normally be the easiest way.

When just pictures is downloaded it can be installed on your mobile phone very easily. This can then be used straight away to display all of the photos on your phone. This is able to download all of the photos very quickly which means the whole experience is enjoyable.

What is it?

Just Pictures is a photo gallery application which can be used as a replacement for the standard photo gallery in Android. This is very quick and easy to use. It makes it a very popular alternative to using the normal photo viewer. This app is also integrated with the Internet which makes it possible to connect to many Internet photo services and display photos from all around the world.

Ease of Use

This application is very easy to use and all of the photos are loaded very quickly. It also features multi touch which makes it simple to navigate through the different applications. This makes it a very popular and fun photo application to use. Anyone who enjoys looking at photos will be able to use this application to make it even easier to look at them. This makes it very simple to search through your gallery of photographs without needing to open each one individually.

The ability to load the photos from the Internet is also useful. This means that you have access to millions of photos on photo sharing sites. These can be searched for by using a keyword and accessing them. The load times is slightly slower when using the Internet services but it's still reasonable.


Just Pictures is a free photo application which can be used to better organize your photographs in one place. This will make it very simple to look at all of the photographs together.

Download and Install

The application can easily be downloaded from the Android market place. When it is downloaded onto your device it can be installed straight away. There is also a barcode which can be scanned with your phone to download the app directly to your phone.


Just Pictures is integrated with a number of online photo services including Picasa, Face book, Flickr and SmugMug. This also means that you can have access to all of your photos that have already been uploaded to the Internet. Showing your friend your latest photos on FaceBook will be very easy when using this application.


Just Pictures is a great free application for anyone who uses their phone to take photos. It makes it possible to organize all of your photos in one place, even those that are stored online.