Android Photography Apps: FxCamera

There are dozens of different android photography apps which can be used to make your camera much more powerful; one such app is FXCamera. This is a useful application which makes it easy to edit and adjust your photographs by applying various effects to them. The effects are interesting and will help you to create some really unique and interesting photographs using your camera.

There are many different apps which can be found on the Internet and at the Android App store. These are all very easy to download and will add something useful to your device. This includes adding additional features and filters to your digital camera.

What Is It?

FXCamera is a very useful application which can be used to create some beautiful and unique looking photographs. This allows you to create an artistic photograph by applying various art filters. This is great for anyone who is used to using the filters included with Olympus cameras.

There are many different filters, effects and settings which can be adjusted to change the way your photos look. With some fiddling you will be able to get some great results.


This is a free application which works fairly well. The latest version is 0.5 and there are sometimes problems with stability, however, this isn't normally an issue. It's not clear whether the app will remain free forever.

Ease of Use

When you launch the app, you will be presented with a number of different filters and effects which can easily be used to take your photo. Flick through the different effects by sliding your finger along the screen. When you've found the effect that you want, simply press the camera button on that effect and it will load up the FX camera app.

This app adds a number of extra functions which you wouldn't get in the normal camera. You can click Auto Focus so that you can see the focus before you take the photo. The settings button can be used to adjust how the effect is added to your photograph. When you have taken the photo it will apply the effect. You can then either share the image, discard it or save it for future use.


There are lots of different effects which are built into FX Camera. These are designed to make [photography much more fun than it already is. Toy Cam makes your photos look much older than they are and like they were created using cheaper cameras.

Polandroid is fairly easy to guess what it does. This makes your photographs look like they are polaroids. It adjusts the colors and adds a border. Symmetry Cam is different and provides a mirror Image in the same photo. The Andy Warhol effect makes your photos look like they are a Warhol painting.


This is a pretty neat app, however/ it's not possible to undo the filters. This means that you will always have the filter attached. You can also only apply filters to photos taken in the FX Camera application.

Organization is also a little bit of a problem because all the photos are simply put inside the all pictures folder rather than organizing them better. This is a fun app which adds additional features and makes the camera much more exciting to use.