Android Photography Apps: Finger Paint

Finger Paint is a very nice and fun digital camera application for Android powered mobile phones. This app makes full use of the touch screen and really simplifies the process of editing and sketching on photos. If you enjoy digital photography and want to have some fun, then you will be able to use finger paint to create even more interesting and unique photos.

There are so many different camera applications available for Android that it's possible to find one to do virtually anything. This means that whatever you are interested in, it should be relatively easy to find an app to make the job even simpler.

What Is It?

Finger Paint is a fun application which can be used to create finger painted artwork. It is also possible to use this application to doodle on your photos and create something that looks very unique.


Finger Paint is available for free directly from the app store. There is also a paid version available which is known as Finger Paint Pro. Although this does not offer any extra features, the money does help the developers to improve the software and add even more new and exciting features. The Pro version costs $0.99 and is 72KB in size which means that it won't occupy much space on your phones storage.

Downloading the app is easy. You can either search for it in the app store or alternatively scan the App Bar Code on your phone.

Ease of Use

This is a great and fun app to use which doesn't do more than give you a bit of enjoyment. This app is much easier to use than other similar apps such as Magic Marker because the touch screen controls are much more responsive. The colors and brushes can be selected by tapping on the screen. You can then have fun making beautiful finger paint pictures without worrying about needing to clean up afterwards.

All of your artwork can be saved to the phones internal memory or an external SD card. It is then also very easy to share all of your art work with other people by sending it by email or uploading it to social networking sites. If you're the sort of person who loves a doodle, then this is the app for you. It's also environmentally friendly because there's no need to waste any paper for your scribbles.

This is also a whole lot more fun to use than PaintBrush or any other similar apps on a PC. Being able to paint with your finger is very enjoyable.


This is a very small app which is only around 72 KB in size. This means that it doesn't require any special storage requirements. It is also very easy to install this on all Android devices including mobile phones and tablets.


This is a free app and is a lot of fun to use. If you do decide to donate, then you can upgrade to the Pro version, which although it doesn't include additional features, it does give you a warm feeling inside. the app doesn't really serve a purpose, however, it is still worth having on your phone since it is loads of fun.