Android Photography Apps: Depth of Field Calculator

The depth of field calculator for Android is a very useful photo application for the platform. Unlike many other photo apps, this does not use the built in camera. Instead, it helps you to work out various calculations including the depth of field which can be tedious to work out otherwise.

What Is It?

The depth of field calculator is ideal for anyone who has a passion taking photographs. The tool might not be that useful for everyone who wants to take a photo, however, it is very useful for people more interested in the mechanics of photography and who want to improve their technique. It's also possible to use this application to help you to learn new photography techniques and work out how to take better photos.


Unlike many other apps available, the Depth of Field Application is available in many different languages including Simplified Chinese, Czech and English. This means that it should be fairly easy to download a copy which is suitable for you.


The app is very easy to download, as it is included in the official app store. It's also possible to scan the QR barcode using your phone to download the app directly to your mobile phone.

Ideal for Beginners

When people are first starting to learn photography, one of the most difficult things to learn is about the depth of field. This isn't really a very difficult concept, but actually getting your head around it can be a real challenge. There are basic explanations out there, however, not all of these are easy to understand either.

Ease of Use

This application is very simple to use. Simply select the camera that you are using, or if it's not in the app, then you can select the type of camera that you're using whether you're using a compact of DSLR camera.

You then enter the f-stop settings, focal length and distance to the subject. Once you have entered all of this information, you will then click the button and it will calculate the depth of field figures. There is also a diagram button which can be pressed for more information about exactly what all of the measurements actually mean.


This is a very useful application to work out the depth of field and also teach yourself about what it means. If you're trying to get into photography, then you will find that this tool is very useful.

The app isn't, however, very good at macro distances or dealing with shallow depths of field. It is much better suited to more normal photography. It includes support for many popular brands of camera as standard, and the interface is very simple to use.