Android Photography Apps: Camera ZOOM FX

Camera zoom FX is a very useful application which can be used to add extra zoom features to the digital camera included with your android mobile phone. While mobile phones aren't as high quality as a dedicated camera, they can still be very useful because they are taken everywhere you go. By using apps like Camera zoom FX, you can make your images look even better.

Camera Zoom FX is very easy to download, as it can be found in the official Andrid market place. Once it is installed on your device, it can be used right away. Zooming is much easier with this app, as it's simply a matter of sliding your finger along the screen.

What Is It?

This is an improved camera app which is suitable for running on the Android platform. This will run on almost all camera phones including the Droid, N1, Hero, H1 and Evo. It also supports cameras which have a built in flash and makes this even more useful.

There are over 40 different photo effects included in the application including Polaroid, vignette and many others. The app also features a very nice slide zooming feature which makes it easier than normal to zoom into the picture.


Other useful features included in this application include geotagging which sues the GPS module inside your phone to mark the location where the photographs were taken. It also auto saves the images which makes your life much easier in case your phone does lose anything.

The app has a silent setting which will silence the shutter. This makes it much easier to take photos without anyone knowing. The app also has Facebook integration which will make it possible to share your images with your friends and family online. There are some very interesting features including clap to snap. This is fantastic because you can clap your hands to trigger the shutter and take a photo.

If the phone has a flash then it supports the use of the flash. The app also has a really nice zoom feature.

Why Would You Want It?

There are many great camera phones and perhaps the iPhone is the most popular. However, Android phones are becoming more and more popular thanks to the sheer number of applications available.

There are lots of great android handsets with reasonable cameras which can benefit from the Camera Zoom FX app. If you want to take great photos, then you will find that this app is a must have.

Ease of Use

Using Camera Zoom FX is very simple because all of the various special effects are split into different categories. You can choose between Normal Camera modes, MirrorFX, ArtFX, ColorFX and FrameFX effects. You can search through the different categories easily by sliding your finger along the screen.

You can also adjust various settings by tapping on the Quick Settings button. This allows you to change the white balance, add props and include borders.

The buttons are customizable which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to make the application even easier to use. There is also a useful anti banding mode which makes it possible to take photos from monitors and TVs without the picture distorting. Steady shoot can be turned on to make it easy to take steady photographs.