Android Photography Apps: Camera Pro

Anyone who wants to use apps like Photostream on their android phone will be looking for a way to make it as professional as possible. Professional digital cameras are very useful because they are capable of taking high quality photographs. However, you won't take your camera everywhere you go. Another option is to use your mobile phone camera because you take this everywhere with you. Mobile phone cameras might not be as high quality as your dedicated camera, but Camera Pro can make it much easier to use.

Camera Pro is a useful app which adds extra functions to your phone's camera. This makes it much simpler to take high quality photographs on your Android phone.

What Is It?

Camera Pro is a useful application which makes the camera on your phone much more capable. The android camera application is actually pretty basic, and this can be annoying considering how good the camera actually is. This app goes the extra distance to make your camera much more powerful. Although recent versions of Android have improved the camera app, it's still nowhere near as good as it could be.

This extra app has a number of fantastic features. These features will make it much easier to make use of your camera and improve its functionality.


There are a number of very useful features which are included in the application. The most important feature is zoom and this is made very simple. Zooming in is as simple as sliding your finger on the screen. This app uses digital zoom because of physical limitations with the camera. This means that the image is cropped rather than being magnified. The zoom isn't as good as optical zoom, but it's a welcome addition to any Android phone and makes using your camera much more enjoyable.

Another useful feature is white balance. It's possible to automatically or manually adjust the white balance depending on your environment. If the white balance is set wrongly, then this creates problems with color balances and can create all sorts of problems. If the white balance isn't set properly, then this is why photos taken under incandescent lights look yellow. It's possible to adjust your white balance to shoot in different environments including daylight conditions, overcast, shade, twilight, florescent lighting and incandescent.

There are also a number of aids which can be used to assist your photographs. These include circle, golden ratio and cross hairs. The golden ration works very well by using the accelerometer inside your Android powered mobile phone.


There are also a number of useful filters included in the application. Many of these are very useful and some of the best include Sepia and Mono. There are also Solarize, Whiteboard, Aqua, Posterize, Blackboard and Negative filters included.


It's possible to install Camera Pro as the default camera application on your android phone. This is popular because it features many useful options including saving in JPG high quality and the ability to set white balance.


Camera Pro can be purchased in the Android Market and costs just $1.99. This is a great replacement for the standard camera application which ships with your phone.