Android Photography App: Camera Illusion

Camera illusion is an app camera which is suitable for use on your Android mobile phone. This is a powerful app which makes it possible to edit your photographs in real time. This also means that you will be able to put masks onto your photos before you take them. This is one of the best novelty photo applications which can be installed on your Android app.

The effects and filters which are provided by Camera Illusion are ideal for anyone who wants to have some fun with the camera on their phone. This makes it easy to take amazing photographs that you will be proud of.

What Is It?

Camera Illusion is one of the best photo apps which can be installed on Android. This is such a fun app to use that lots of people install it on their phone. Camera Illusion allows you to create novelty photos with the built in camera on your Phone.

This makes it really easy to create special and creative photos by using your camera phone.


The main point of the app is that it's easy to apply effects, masks and filters to your images. This means that you can edit and adjust them on the fly without needing to worry about using a computer. There are many interesting filters including an X-ray filter, comic art filter and glass filters.

The ASCII filter in particular is unique. This makes your image out of letters and numbers. The Comic art filter makes it look like your photos are straight out of a comic book. The Glass effects will make it look like you have been looking through glass.


Camera Illusion is currently only available as a free app, however, the developers have said that they intend to launch a paid version of the app in the near future. The app can be downloaded from the Android app store.


The current version of the app is 1.5.1 and it is updated regularly. The recent updates have included a volume key and also support lower resolution images, which makes it even easier to use the app because it works at higher speeds.

Real Time Processing

The main feature of the application is that it allows you to add these filters and make changes to your images instantly. There is a short lag with the refresh rate which can be a little frustrating but shouldn't be a major problem.

There are other camera effects apps for Android, however, many of these apply the effects after you have taken the photos. This app actually applies the changes once you have selected the different effects by tapping on the screen.

When you are happy with the photographs, you will then be able to share them with your friends and family by using video sharing sites or by sending them through your email.