Android Photo Apps: PicPush

Android photo applications make your phone's camera even more useful. Cameras included with modern smart phones are very good. While these are not as good as a standalone camera, they are good enough. These cameras are also perfect because they are built into your phone. Because of this, you will take it everywhere you go and you will always be able to take photos of anything whenever you want.

PicPush is one such photo app for the Android platform. This makes it really easy to share your photos with people by using the Internet. Digital cameras are wonderful, but there's no point using it unless you actually share your photos with friends and family. This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to share your photo online directly from your mobile phone.

What Is It?

PicPush is a Google Android application created by 350 Nice. The application makes it really easy to share your photos with your family and friends by making it simple to upload your photos to Flickr and other social networking sites.

How Does It Work?

The app works very easily and pushes the photos to all of these sites without needing to visit each one individually. When you select the photos that you want to upload, you can then choose the sites that you want to upload them to. Click the button, and they will automatically upload the photos to the Internet without needing to do anything.


The app will run on all versions of Android and needs a phone with a camera. You will also need lots of storage space to store all of the images that you will no doubt take. This means that a camera phone which accepts expandable memory cards will be easier. Buy the biggest memory card you can find for your camera, as this makes it possible to take as many photos as possible. An 8 GB flash card should be acceptable.

Ease of Use

If you have used PicPush in the past, then you might have had a bad experience with the user interface. While older versions were confusing to use, the newer ones are much better. New versions of the app feature updated and improved user interfaces, which make it much easier to use. The app can be controlled by using the touch screen or trackball if your phone has one.


PicPush is available for download on the Internet. There is a free evaluation version available, which allows you the option to try it out and find out whether you will enjoy using it. If you do decide to purchase the app, then it costs $4.99. By paying this money, you are supporting the ongoing improvements of the app.


The new versions of this app are a big improvement compared to the older ones which were available. The user interface is very easy to use and the images are uploaded to the individual sites very quickly once you have entered your account details (everything else is automatic).