Android Photo Apps: Photo Burst

Android photo apps make the camera on your phone even more useful because they can add all sorts of extra features to the phone. There are many different photography apps which make full use of the camera and help to make it even more useful. The most popular apps include those designed to make it easier to share and edit your photos. Photo Burst is one such example of one of these useful apps.

The great thing about Android phones is that it's very easy to download all sorts of apps from the official app store. The apps are reliable and normally work pretty quickly. Apps are available for free or alternatively for different prices, depending on the features and the job that they do.

What Is It?

Photo Burst is an android photo application which adds many useful features to your smart phone. This app offers a number of different features. When the application is first run, it will search through your phone looking for any images that you have already taken. Once you select an image directory, all of the images will be categorized.

It's also possible to open images which are stored on removable memory cards such as micro SD or SD cards. This makes it easy to organize all of your photos in one place.

Using the Application

The gallery is very user friendly and makes searching through your images very simple. You can touch the screen to select the images that you want to look at. It's also possible to use the trackball if your phone has one to search through the different photos. When you see an image you want to load full screen, tap on it with your finger or press the trackball in. With an image loaded, you will then be able to double tap the screen so that you can zoom into the image and see it in more detail.

To see more advanced settings, press the Menu button. You can display all the images as a slide show and this means that you can use your phone as a digital photo frame. If you want to use your image as a background, then simply choose the wallpaper option in the menu. Basic editing is also possible with this application. These edits include cropping and basic touching up. Cropping the photos is very simple thanks to the touch screen. A box can be dragged around the image to select the area that you want to crop.

Sharing Photos

Perhaps one of the most useful features in the menu is to share files. You can share your files using Picasa, Instant messaging clients or Gmail. Upload can also be used to upload your photographs directly to Ping.Fm. Clicking the details button will tell you lots of useful information about the photograph. This includes the resolution of the image, when it was taken and the camera used to take the photos.


Photo Burst can be downloaded for free. This is a lite version which has limited features. There is also a paid version available which unlocks all of the additional features.