Android Photo Apps: PHOforPHO

Photo apps make the camera on your Android mobile phone much more useful. There are also a number of fantastic free applications which can be just as good as some of the paid applications available. These free apps add extra features to your phone, and make it very simple to have fun or use your camera more seriously.

What Is It?

PHOforPHO is a unique set of tools which is designed for people who already understand and use cameras on a regular basis. While most camera phone users won't understand everything about photography, there are some professional users who will.

Unlike other camera applications, this is not designed to use the built in camera on your device. This application actually helps you to use a more sophisticated camera, such as a Digital SLR camera. This is a unique application which is extremely useful.


The application is very easy to use and is split into a number of different parts. There are various tools and calculators, which can be used to learn more about your camera and use how to use it. The PHOforPHO online manual can also be used to find out more about photography in general. This can also tell you about the photography rules which can be used to make the most out of your photography.

Depth of Field Calculator

The Depth of Field Calculator is perhaps one of the most useful calculators in the package. This will calculate the depth of field which is where everything will appear sharp. To do this, adjust the lens length and select the aperture. This will calculate the depth of field where everything will stay sharp.

Info on Current Location

The PHOforPHO application is capable of using the GPS module inside your phone to tell you about the current location. This will make it easier to remember exactly where you took the photos.

Distance Meter

The distance meter is another very useful tool which makes it possible to measure how far away the subject is from your camera. This means that you can correctly compose and take your photos. The distance meter starts working immediately as soon as you select it from the menu.


This is a free application, which can be downloaded from the app store. Unlike many other free applications, this does not have any adverts supporting it. This makes it a useful app for anyone interested in photographs and learning more about the manual settings of their camera. This application has a very good reputation and is extremely popular.


The latest version of PHOforPHO is version 1 and this will run on all Android phones up to Android 2.1. It was created in May 2010 and has enjoyed steady growth ever since.

When you first start using the application, it will quickly become an important part of your photography tool kit. After awhile, you will start to wonder how you managed to survive without it.