Android Photo Apps: ColorUp

Android has lots of Photo apps which make its camera even more useful and enjoyable to use. These photo apps can add additional features to the camera, touch up videos, or do many other things. ColorUp is one example of a popular Android photo app, and this is a useful app which can adjust the colors of the photographs.

What Is It?

ColorUp is a fascinating application which allows you to convert a photograph into black and white and then choose specific areas of the photograph which should be in color. This makes it really simple to create stylish and professional looking photographs in a flash.

Ease of Use

The application is very easy to use. When you load a photograph into ColorUp, it will automatically be converted into gray scale. You can then choose the areas that you want to reveal in color by using a brush. Simply brush over the parts of the picture that you want to be in color. This does take some time, but it's worth doing carefully as it will improve the effect.

The size of the brush can also be adjusted by moving a slider up and down on the side of the screen. This is actually great fun to use because the app supports the touch screen of the phones. This means that you can actually tap on the screen where you want it to be colored.

Unfortunately, there is no undo tool which would make it even easier to deal with mistakes. If you do uncover color that you don't want, then you need to select the graying brush and then paint over the area again. An Undo button wouldn't go amiss because it would make it even easier. Once you have finished being artistic, you can also compare the new photo with the original. This makes it really simple to find out what it really looks like.

The pictures can be saved in JPEG format, which makes them compatible with all popular photo editing applications. They can also be easily shared with your friends using FaceBook or MySpace.


CoverUp and CoverUp lite will run on almost all android powered smart phones. It will run on even the earliest and newest versions of Android without any issues.


A free version of the app can be downloaded from the official site and the android market place. The free version allows you to do everything except for saving the images. You can play around with the photos and do everything that you want except for sharing them. The free version costs $0.99, which is approximately £0.66 for anyone from England. The free lite version is supported by adverts which can be annoying at times, however, this shouldn't normally be much of an issue.

This is a wonderful application to use for some fun. It creates high quality results and is very simple to use. It's so simple that even young children can use it without any assistance to create their own masterpieces.