Android Photo Apps: BreadCrumbz

One of the great things about Android is the number of apps available; these include plenty of android photo applications. These photo apps add something extra to your phone and make the camera even more useful. If you like traveling, then you will really enjoy using the Breadcrumz application. This combines navigation and photography. You will be able to create accurate driving routes by photographing checkpoints.

These apps are very easy to find and download. This makes it really simple to expand and add new things to your mobile phone. While the camera isn't as good as a dedicated camera, it will still be fairly useful.

What Is It?

BreadCrumbz is a unique photo and navigation application. While these two types of app aren't normally mentioned in the same sentence, they do work together very well. This  is a picture based navigation application which makes it completely unique. This app is centered around routes which can be created by users.

BreadCrumbz helps you to create your own route and then find your way without getting lost. The application is designed mainly to help you navigate special routes. These include navigating along a mountain biking trail or finding your new house. The application makes use of many additional features which are included in your phone. This means that you will be able to make the full use of your phone. The GPS system might not get a lot of use, however, it will work very well.

Why Should You be Interested?

Breadcrumbz was created by someone who really loves to travel, and it's perfect for similar people. Mobile phones are wonderful because they are taken everywhere with you. If you have an Android phone, then it is possible to easily install this app and start navigating in a different way than a normal GPS unit that you might find in your car.

If you're a bit bored of your GPS being impersonal and want to find a more personal way to get around, then you will find this app a great help. This will get you anywhere, even if there isn't an address and a normal GPS can't find it. Rather than simply displaying the map and address, this app displays photographs right down to the front door.

The Future

BreadCrumbz intends to make navigating much more enjoyable. Although the app is only currently available for Android, the developer hopes to produce it for different mobile operating systems in the future. Perhaps the most important additional operating system which will be added in the future is Apple iPhone.

BreadCrumbz will also make it much easier to share your navigation routes with friends and family.


BreadCrumbz is completely free and can be downloaded from the Android app store. This means that it's very easy to install onto your device, and it can also be uninstalled if required.

There is also a very helpful forum of online users who can assist you if there are any problems.