Android Photo Apps: BetterFlickr

Android photo apps make using your phone's camera much more useful. While the camera will never be as good as an SLR camera, it can be made much better using many of these applications. One of the best things about mobile phone cameras is that you take them everywhere you go. This makes them perfect for anyone who wants to take photos to share with their friends or family.

The Internet is making it very simple to share your photos with anyone no matter where they are in the world. There are many different services, including MySpace and Flickr, which make sharing your photos very simple. The BetterFlickr android app makes uploading your photos to Flickr very easy.

What Is It?

Unfortunately, Flickr doesn't have its own Android application. However, it's really easy to upload photos directly from your phone by using a third party application such as BetterFlickr. This is a very useful app which can be used to upload your photos directly to Flickr without needing to load them onto your computer first.

The BetterFlickr site is a great app which can be used to share your photos with friends and family.


This app costs $2.49 and can be downloaded from the Android market and installed easily. The app can also be uninstalled if needed through the Android control panel.

Why Pay for This App?

There are loads of different Flickr uploaders and apps which are available for Android. This means that many people do not understand why they should purchase this app. That's because it offers a number of advanced features which aren't available in the free versions.

These include location search features, notifications, group and tag. This means that you can easily upload and tag your photographs so that they can be found by other people easily.


The app offers many useful features for anyone with a Flickr account. You can upload your photos directly from your phone without needing a computer. This makes it ideal for anyone who takes a lot of photos on their android phone and want to share them.

You can also use the application to search for photographs depending on their color, location, tags or the author. You can also view the images in full screen mode and zoom in if required.

Ease of Use

BetterFlickr is a very easy to use application which makes it a joy to use. When searching for images, a gallery will be displayed. This makes it possible to search through and open any images that you are interested in.


While this application isn't perfect, it works quite well for most people. It could do with multiple upload tools and commenting features. This would make it an even more useful application. Although these aren't included in this version, regular updates do add new features.

This is a wonderful app for anyone who likes to use Flickr and also takes lots of photos using their Android camera phone. This makes sharing the photos quickly very simple.