Android Photo Apps: Advanced Ruler Pro

Android Photo applications are a great way to use the camera on your phone. They are ideal for anyone with an interest in photography because they make it much easier to work out various calculations. It's also possible to use apps like Advanced Ruler Pro to measure things using your camera. This makes it possible to easily measure the height of buildings or pretty much anything else that you want to measure without having to get a tape measure out.

The app can quickly tell you the height of any buildings or structures that you can see. Using the touch screen, this is very easy to use. The results are calculated instantly.

What Is It?

Advanced Ruler Pro is an unique Android application which can be run on almost all Android smart phones. This is a tape measuring application which can measure almost anything that the camera can see.

How It Works

Using Advanced Ruler Pro is very simple. When you first start the application, it will ask you for the height of your camera. To estimate this, take a couple of inches away from your height and enter this. This should be fairly accurate because the camera should then be held at eye level.

To calculate the height of someone or something, you then need to hold the phone at eye level and aim the scope at the first point. The first point should be the bottom of the object. Once it's in the right place, you should press the scope to select it.

Then, aim at the top of the object and press the scope again. This will give you a rough estimation of the height of the building. It works by measuring the distance between you and the object so that the results can be fairly accurate.

Distance Ruler

The application can also be put into the distance ruler mode. This makes it really simple to measure the distance between you and an object or a point on the ground. It's also possible to get an experience of augmented reality by having a measuring tape super imposed over the camera's display. Using this is slightly more difficult than just pressing points, however, it works very well.

The measuring tape display also makes it possible to measure the width of windows or anything else that is difficult to measure using the other tools in the application.


The application is very easy to install and installs in the same way as any other Android app. This also makes it very simple to upgrade and uninstall if required.


The Android Advanced Ruler Pro is very easy to purchase. It can be brought and downloaded directly from the Android Market and costs $0.99 or around £0.67 if you're shopping from England.


This is a really useful application, however, it's not perfect. It would be even more useful if you could save the pictures to your phone. It would also be ideal if you could take measurements from photographs you've already taken, although this would be more difficult since the distance to the object is not known.