An Unlocked Camera Phone May Affect Your Ability to Send Pictures

Buying an unlocked camera phone makes it possible to use the phone on any network. However, it could make it more difficult to share your photos. Unlocked phones are very easy to buy, but are normally more expensive.

Difference between Sim Free and Unlocked Phones

A sim free phone is a phone that is not tied to any network. This will be direct from the factory without any network branding. Because of this, the phone will work with any compatible simcard. An unlocked phone is a phone which was previously supplied by a network and was locked to that network. The unlocking process will remove the sim lock and make it possible to use it on different networks.

Unlocking Phones

Unlocking a camera phone is actually very easy. Depending on the brand of phone, it's either as simple as entering a code or connecting the phone to your computer. Many people take the phone to a professional to unlock. Either way, it's an affordable way to get an unlocked phone.


Any camera phone will need to use the Internet to upload and share photos. To make this possible, you need to have a data allowance. This is easiest when using a contract mobile phone with a monthly data allowance. Using a pay as you go simcard could be very expensive because you will have to pay for each MB of data you use.