5 Tips to Take Great Pictures with Cheap Used Cell Phones

It is very easy to buy cheap used cell phones. This is because new features are being added to cell hones all the time. With many people wanting the best and latest phone, there are lots of people who will upgrade even if there's nothing wrong with their phone. This means that there is an opportunity to buy a cheap camera and take some exciting photos with it.

These camera phones will normally have a fairly low quality camera. You need to learn how to make the most out of the camera so that you can get the very best photos.

1. Get up Close

Camera phones do not feature optical zoom. Instead, these will only have digital zoom which does not work very well. You should never use the digital zoom because this will degrade the quality of your photos. Instead, you should try and get as close as possible to whatever it is you are photographing. This will make it much easier to take great pics.

2. Use Proper Lighting

The lighting is also very important to consider. These cameras do not have powerful flashes, which is why you must try to use these in well lit conditions.

3. Use Highest Quality Mode

There are lots of different modes which can be set in your camera. Ensure that you are shooting in the highest quality mode possible.

4. Edit Photos

When you transfer the photos across to your computer, you can edit them using any photo editing software. This will make it possible to make them look much better.

5. Clean the Lens

The lens on most camera phones is exposed. Make sure that this is cleaned regularly to prevent any problems with the quality of your image.