5 Tips for Getting Great Cell Phone Camera Pictures

Taking cell phone camera pictures can be a little difficult because these have fairly basic cameras. A cell phone is designed mainly as a way of contacting people, and it does everything else as an additional extra. Many modern cell phones have quite respectable cameras, but they work differently to a normal digital camera. You will need to consider a few important tips which can be used to get the most out of your cell phone camera.

1. Get Close to Your Subject

A cell phone camera will not have optical zoom. This means that to use it and take great photos, you should get close to your subject. Digital zoom is always an option, however, as this crops your photo and stretches it, the quality will suffer.

2. Keep Steady

As with all cameras, a cell phone camera can produce blurred photos if shaken. You must avoid moving the camera at all when taking photos. There is a small delay between when you hit the shutter button and when the photo is actually taken. To allow for this, keep the camera still for a second after taking the photo.

3. Consider Light Source

Most camera phones have a fairly low resolution sensor and lack a flash. This makes lighting very important. You will need to consider where the light is coming from so that you can get the best picture possible.

4. Clean the Lens

The lens on most phones is on the outside of the body. This means that it doesn't have any protection from the elements. Quite often a fingerprint or foreign body can affect the quality of your photos. Always clean the lens before shooting.

5. Keep It Fun

Perhaps the best way to use a cell phone camera is for fun. It's unlikely to be able to capture footage that is as good as your digital SLR camera, however, it is a handy camera that you take everywhere with you.