5 Photo Tips for Your New Camera Phone

Your new camera phoneis a very useful piece of equipment which can be used to take photos wherever you go. There are some very useful ideas which can be used to generate some amazing photographs that you can be proud of. When using your camera phone carefully it is possible to make some amazing photos which you can print out and display if you want.

1. Keep your Camera Steady

Camera phones are like any other camera. You need to keep your camera steady to avoid blurred photos. Blurry photos can be a major problem. Try resting against a wall, fence or on a ledge to keep the camera steady.

2. Getting Close

Camera phones don't have perfect cameras. To take the very best quality photos you will need to get up close. Try and fill the screen of the phone with your subject.

3. Editing Photos Online

Photos can be edited on the Internet or on your computer. They can be downloaded from your phone by connecting it with a USB cable. You will be able to edit the photos easily. Crop the photos, remove red eye and add frames.

4. Taking Great Photos

The best way to take good quality photos is to keep your camera in good condition. You should regularly clean the lens. The lens is normally on the outside of the camera which can easily make it dirty. A clean lens will take much better quality photos.

5. Flash

Many new models of camera phones have flashes built in. These camera flashes are fairly low power but do work at short distances. They work as a fill in flash during daylight although they may not be able to provide enough light for use in the dark.