5 Must Have Cell Phone Accessories for Easier Mobility

Cell phone accessories can enhance the functionality of the equipment and also protect the phone. Here are five must have accessories which are geared for easier mobility.

1. Travel Charger

Batteries will always run out of power however large their capacity, and so if you are on a long journey, the travel charger is a handy accessory. You do not need to plug this into any outlet, and the power is generated by cranking its small handle. Even if you do not have access to a plug point, you can still charge your cell phone.

2. Boosters

 The antenna booster will increase the signal strength and so you can be more mobile in areas which have a poor network signal.

3. Bluetooth Headsets

When you are mobile, there is a need for hands-free listening to your phone, as your hands will be employed in doing various tasks. A Bluetooth headset is excellent in such situations and nobody will even know that you are listening to someone on your phone.

4. Cases and Pouches

If you are frequently mobile, there is always a chance of damaging your cell phone with the occasional drop or rubbing the phone against a hard surface. A case made of leather or plastic goes a long way in protecting your costly cell phone.

5. Screen Protector

Now most cell phones have quite a large LCD screen which needs to be protected from scratches and other damage, and for this a screen protector accessory is ideal.