3 Tips for Selecting a Good Camera Phone

The task of selecting a good camera phone for your needs requires research. Every day you hear of more new technology being incorporated into phones. What features do you really need in a camera phone?

1. Look for the Ability to Take Good Photos

A great thing about a good camera phone is its availability, as it is usually with you all the time. Because you always have your camera phone, you need to never miss that once in a lifetime shot. However, you need to make sure that the phone you choose has good pixilation and can reproduce good photos. It needs to take good, un-blurred photos.

2. Look for the Ability to Turn off Geo Tagging

Geo tagging in phones is here to stay. Geo tagging is the phone’s way of adding your location information to any picture when it’s posted on a website. Anyone who knows what they are doing can ascertain where you were at the time you took the photo. Geo tagging should be disabled on your phone photo section for your safety and the safety of your family.

3. Look for the Ability to Transfer Photos

Once you have taken your photos, you need to be able to download them easily into your computer. If the job is too difficult and takes too long, you will find your phone clogging up with photos until you start deleting them. Make sure when checking phones you ask to be shown how to download.