3 Cool Photo Effects with the Satio Ericsson Camera Phone

The Sony Satio Ericsson camera phoneis one of the best camera phones currently available. This is a very powerful camera which makes it possible to take some high quality photographs. This camera features a 12.1 Mega Pixel camera which is one of the best available. This state of the art phone is free for subscribers on a contract, it is however quite expensive when available sim free.

The camera on the Satio is arguably the best currently available on a cell phone. This makes it an extremely phone for anyone interested in photography. As you take your phone everywhere you go it is perfect for anybody who is addicted to photography.

1. Negative

The negative effect does exactly what you would think. This is a filter which converts the photos to the opposite of they should be. This creates a look similar to a film negative.

2. Sepia

This creates an old fashioned photo by making it look slightly warmer. This is a very useful feature for anyone who wants to make their phones look older than they actually are.

3. Black and White

This makes your image into a black and white image. While this is useful sometimes it only really does a good job on high contrast images.

Although it's easy to apply these filters and effects using a Satio Ericsson camera phone, it's often better to capture the image without any. By capturing a standard image you will be able to take a photograph and then apply filters to it using your computer. Because of this it is possible to check the different filters will work. You will also have an untouched image to use again.