2 Lighting Tips for Better Cell Phone Pictures

It can be difficult to take good cell phone pictures. Unfortunately, most cell phones do not have flashes or lights for the camera. That means that most cell phones have poor light sensitivity. However, you can take better cell phone pictures by taking pictures in natural light by positioning subjects relative to the sun.

1. Take Pictures in Natural Light

You will get the best quality pictures with your cell phone if you take pictures in natural light. You might be able to get away with taking indoor shots if you have a lamp turned on, but that could throw your white balance off, as well. Generally speaking, cell phone pictures take in natural light have the same quality as indoor pictures that were taken with a real digital camera. To make your cell phone pictures even better, try to avoid taking pictures in the middle of the day due to the intense light.

2. Position Your Subject Relative to the Sun

This can be difficult at times, but if you want to take better cell phone pictures, you should position your subject relative to the sun. Basically, that means that the sun should be to the side of the subject that you are photographing. If the sun is behind your subject, a silhouette might be created on your subject.