10 Popular Design Trends for New Cell Phones

New cell phonesare always surprising people with new features. Just a few years ago computers were only about as powerful as a typical smart phone. New models are continually appearing every year which feature new improved cameras and other features. The mobile phones are continually improving which makes choosing one difficult.

1. Optical Zoom

Almost all new cell phones are already equipped with cameras. These have become the norm. However, most of these use digital zoom which doesn't really change the image at all. The only thing digital zoom does is make the image larger and crop it. This reduces the quality. In the not too distant future there will be cameras which feature optical zoom. This will make it work just like a typical digital camera.

2. Small

Camera phones are always getting smaller. It's likely that these camera phones will become much lighter and smaller in the future.

3. TouchScreen

Touch screen phones are becoming increasingly popular. The iPhone has paved the way for devices like this. The touchscreen is also a great way to control a camera or your phone.

4. Improved UI

The UI or User Interface of phones is normally designed to make phone calls. However smart phone designers are continually trying to make them easier to use. In the future an improved graphical user interface will make it simple to take photos as if it was a real camera.

5. Editing Packages

Many more phones will start to ship with editing software packages. This will make it easy to touch up photos while you are on the move.

6. Better Cameras

Many more phones will start to ship with impressive cameras. These will start to be taken seriously by photographers.

7. Online Integration

More phones will support uploading photos to many online social networking services.

8. TV Out

Some camera phones already have TV out. More and more will ship with HDMI output as standard. This will allow you to play back videos in high definition.

9. High Definition Video

Phones will start to support recording high definition videos.

10. Speed

The speed of mobile broadband will continue to increase which makes it very easy to upload photos.