Why You Should Buy Camcorders Only from an Authorized Merchant

If you are going to buy Canon camcorders, or camcorders from another reliable brand, it is important that you buy only from an authorized merchant. If you don't, you could be risking your time, money and effort because purchasing such an item from another source will mean risking buying a gray market item. In addition, you may also end up paying extra for shipping, and the accessories will be overpriced as well.

Save Your Money

Buying from an authorized merchant assures you that you will be charged the true price of the product. Buying from an unknown retailer will mean that you could easily end up paying more than you should be paying. You could also be saddled with a product that is not backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Gray Market Merchandise

There are many retailers that are offloading camcorders meant to be sold overseas, but these are redirected back to the U.S. Such camcorders are attractively priced, but will come without a U.S. warranty (and could also come with accessories that do not work and may require foreign paperwork).

Return Policy

A retailer that is not an authorized merchant may sell you a Canon camcorder that you cannot return, regardless of the reason for returning the product. Even if you have not opened the camcorder, the seller might not take it back. If they do take it back, they will charge you a high fee for restocking the item and this charge can be as high as 15 percent of the cost of the camera.

When you buy from an authorized merchant, you are assured that you are getting a genuine product at the right price.