What Video Camera Features Make Shooting Easier?

There are many functions and settings found on camcorders, but it’s not always easy to determine exactly what video camera features make your life as a filmmaker much easier. Some of these features focus more on special effects, while others are meant to speed up your workflow. Here is an overview of the different functionalities found in a video camera and which ones you should look out for to make your shooting easier.

Image Enhancement Modes

These features actually work to enhance the images you’re shooting and to make your filmmaking session much easier.

  • Zoom: There is the optical and digital zoom. Though the digital is much stronger, you should only mind the optical zoom. This will allow you to zoom in on your subject from a distance while maintaining a crisp and clear image.
  • Image Stabilization: Once turned on, this mode reduces camera shakes. This is great for when shooting from a moving vehicle, or if you don’t have a tripod on hand. Without this function, your image will come out shaky and unusable.
  • Low Light: Some cameras are equipped with low light features, which allow you to brighten the image despite lack of light. Check though if this feature sacrifices your shutter speed.

Special Effect Functions

Some camcorders, especially the consumer ones, come built-in with special effects functions. These may come in handy especially if you’re not looking into a long post-production process.

  • Color Effects: Sometimes you can set your camera to capture in Black and White, Sepia, and more. These act like image filters, so you can skip this process during editing. 
  • Titles: Other camcorders allow you to put titles and texts on the image straightaway. This is useful if you want to label your shots or screen your video right away. 
  • Infrared or Night Mode: This is great for capturing images in absolute darkness. Since this works as an infrared, your image comes out greenish. If this is the effect that you’re after, then it’s good to get a video camera with this function built in.