Video Camera Comparisons: Major Differences between Pro and Consumer Features

Purchasing a video camera can be quite confusing and a lot of video camera comparisons should be done. Video recording has become so advanced that you can now take high quality recordings with a device that can fit in your pocket. So why bother buying professional equipment when the ordinary standard camera can do a great job as well?


Professional camcorders record even sharper images than the ordinary consumer video camera. Consumer camcorders are basically more for capturing personal events and memories of individuals.


Professional cameras are usually huge, often over seven feet long. To operate these devices, you would usually need separate equipment such as tripods or stands. They can also be placed on top of a person’s shoulder while shooting a video. Most consumer camcorders, on the other hand, are very handy and can usually be placed in a small bag or even in one’s pocket. This is one important feature to remember when making video camera comparisons.


Consumer cams are usually set on auto, meaning the device determines the “best” possible settings for a particular shot. A few settings can be set manually, but not everything can be manipulated to your liking. Professional camcorders, on the other hand, give you more freedom. For example, the option to change lenses and the aperture range are very important to some adept filmmakers.


In terms of cost, professional camcorders are way more expensive than the consumer point and shoot ones. They can cost as much as $50,000 upwards, while the consumer versions may range from only $100-$1,500. It is important to make video camera comparisons before you buy.