Understanding Mini DV in Your Camcorder

Mini DV is a tape format that is used for recording digital video. DV tapes were the first formats used for recording digital video and mini DV was designed for consumer use. However, it has also been accepted by professionals in the industry. DV compresses the video into a digital code that is recorded onto the tape. When the tape is played back, the code is uncompressed and the video is shown. DV does not compress the audio.

The Post Production Work Flow

Even though mini DV tapes are digital video, you still need to manually record them on to your computer in order to have a digital file to work with. This process is known as capturing and it requires an editing program and a firewire in addition to the camcorder and computer. It can be a time consuming process, but it is also welcomed by some editors because it helps them become acquainted with the footage.

Mini DV Today

Compression technology has changed a lot since the days DV debuted on the market. Today's cameras can easily shoot HD and store the file on either a memory card or internal hard drive. Because of this, mini DV camcorders and tapes are becoming a less common in electronic stores.