Taking and Viewing Still Pictures on a Camcorder

A digital camcorder is a multifunctional device that can take still pictures in addition to making videos. Still pictures can be viewed at a later time and can be added to video during the editing process.

Picture Taking Capabilities

There are two different methods to take still pictures using your camcorder. The most common method is utilizing a built in setting in your camcorder called photo mode or using a detachable still camera. The type of built in depends on the camcorder model.

Another method for taking pictures is to use video editing software to generate a still picture from a frame of video. The steps below discuss how to do each of the methods. You will need the following items:

  • Digital camcorder
  • USB cable
  • Computer
  • Video editing software

Step 1: Photo Mode

Photo mode is a built in setting on your camcorder. Select this mode by pressing the button or selecting the mode from a menu on the camcorder's interface. After selecting the mode, point the camcorder and shoot to create a 5 second still picture.

Step 2: Detachable Camera

Choose the setting to activate the detachable camera. Detach then point and shoot. The detachable camera will work like a stand alone digital camera and will use a memory card to store the photos.

Step 3: Video Editing Software

Connect your camcorder to your computer to upload the video you want to edit. To create a still picture, play the video to the frame that you want for your picture. Hit "Pause" and use the software's editing tools to extract the frame.

Review Your Still Pictures

Follow the below steps to review your still pictures from your digital camcorder. To review still pictures using the steps, your camcorder must have a built in photo mode or detachable camera. You will need:

  • Digital camcorder
  • Memory card reader or USB cable
  • DVI cable
  • Television
  • Computer

Step 1: Activate Photo Settings

Press the "Photo Mode" button or select it from your camcorder menu. If your camcorder has a detachable camera, activate the camera.

Step 2: Change Camcorder Mode

Change the camcorder mode to "Playback." You will be reviewing your pictures just like you review video.

Step 3: Use the LCD Screen

The LCD screen for your camcorder will be built into the unit. Pull it out so that you can see the images clearly without any glare and scroll through your images. On most camcorder models, the scroll feature can be used by pressing the up or down arrow buttons.

Step 4: Use a Television

Using your DVI cable, connect your digital camcorder to your television and choose "Playback" mode. This will allow you to see your images on a larger screen than the LCD display.

Step 5: Use a Computer

To view your still pictures on a computer, connect a memory card reader to your computer. Upload the pictures for viewing.

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