Step by Step Guide to Movie Making For Kids

Movie making for kids is quite different than making movies for adults. You have to keep the kids attention, but these movies generally need to star kids. For beginners, trying to make a movie for children can be daunting. But, there are some movie making tips that can help you make a good movie for children.

Step 1: Plan Your Script

Scripts for children are quite different than scripts for adults. These scripts tend to focus on animals, characters, children and the like, and the plots tend to be simple, but not necessarily plot-less. The plot usually has a lot of comedy and action to keep the children interested, and the action is usually focused on one conflict. You should either write a script yourself or get one specifically written for children. Do not try to convert an adult script into one for kids.

Step 2: Gather up Your Actors

Since most of your actors are going to be children, you can’t spend a lot of time shooting. Kids get bored quickly so you only have a finite amount of time to get the shot. But, in the inverse, children are really excited to try something new. So, you are likely to have children from your own neighborhood volunteer for the movie. Just be sure to get their parents permission before you begin.

Step 3: Pick Your Location

Select a location that best fits the feel of your movie, but where you can still keep control the children. If you have access to a sound stage, this is the best choice since you can control the environment. Plus, children’s movies are often fantastical, which means that you will have to create the setting and most likely the props. Have some type of toys on the set to keep the children entertained during downtime. Be aware of what’s in the scene. Try to avoid unnecessary items in the shot if at all possible.

Step 4: Get Down to Their Level

If you shoot children from above, you are giving your movie an adult perspective, not the children’s. Shoot from the hip or get down on your hands and knees so that you capture the children at their level. If you have to, lower your tripod as low as it will go, and sit on a pillow while shooting. Take as many shots as possible, but cut it off when you get a good one. If you shoot too long, you’ll tire out your actors.

Step 5: Add the Effects

Once the movie is shot, edit your clips, and add your effects with a good software program. Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut Pro are good editing programs for both beginners and professionals. These programs allow you to cut out bad sections and splice clips together, and you can also add animations. Animation may be a major part of your children movie since it will also help keep your audience’s interest.

Step 6: Keep It Short

Most children’s movies are only around one to one and half hours long. So, cut your movie down to the minimum.