Sony vs JVC DV Camcorder

The Sony and JVC DV Camcorders are two of the top brand models dominating the industry today. So, which of the two should you choose when it comes to digital video recording? Let’s take a look at some comparisons:

Video Quality

Both brands offer superb video quality with their HD video cameras of up to 1080 lines horizontal resolution. These brands are able to produce crisp and clear images, which bring out the deepest colors.

File Saving

While both brands save files onto a hard drive or memory card, Sony also produced miniDV cameras which record the videos to a small digital video tape. Having this option is helpful to avoid running out of space if you don’t have access to a computer to transfer the files.

Microphone Location

Where the microphone is located is a very important factor when deciding to purchase a camcorder. The JVC DV camcorders have their microphones located under the lens. This is the optimal location for a microphone because it can record everything in front of the camera, which is actually what you are shooting. Sony has their microphones located at the top. With this location, more extraneous sounds are likely to be picked up.


The smaller cameras from both brands usually do not have optional attachments, such as lenses and microphones. The larger ones with built-in hard drives and tape-deck options have provisions to attach different lenses and microphones for improved video and sound recording. So, when it comes to DV camcorders, you can’t go wrong with either Sony or JVC DV camcorders; it just depends on your needs and preferences.