Recommended Features for a Kids Video Camcorder

Kids like to have items that make them feel grown up and having a kids video camcorder is no different. However, too many features can confuse children and make the camera difficult for them to use. Below are few features to check for to ensure your child can operate his camcorder.


If your child is 10 or younger, then you should look for a camcorder that is made with an easy grip design so that it is easy to hold on to. It should also be rugged so that if it gets dropped, and it probably will, it will withstand it.


Young users do not need to have a lot of features to scare them off. The key is simple operation. Large buttons are best for little fingers. Do not look for different shooting modes, editing features, manual focus and so on.


Parents and kids alike will enjoy being able to see the kids video creations on the big screen. Finding a kids video camcorder that has the ability to be hooked up to the television is a plus.


Kids, like adults, will want to be able to record for a while before they have to download their images or their movie. Most kids camcorders will have 32mb of storage built in, but a camcorder that will accommodate an SD card will be a nice additional feature to have.