Post Production: How To Duplicate Your own DVDs

If you are producing your own videos then learning how to duplicate DVDs will be very useful. Duplicating DVDs simply means copying them to multiple disks. If your videos are already stored on DVD then it will be much easier to copy the DVDs rather than converting them into video files on your computer to burn onto DVD again.

DVD automation can be done in a number of different ways. You can just use a normal computer with a regular DVD drive and DVD burner. Alternatively you can use a dedicated DVD duplication machine. These machines will automatically copy the contents of the disc onto several other DVDs at the same time. This is the easiest and quickest option for most people who want to create hundreds of duplicated DVDs. If you want to produce even more copies then you will need to consider using a professional service. These can often produce pressed DVDs rather than the normal blue colored writable discs.

Step 1: Downloading Software

The first thing that you need is some DVD duplication software. There are many different pieces of software which are capable of doing this. Perhaps one of the best known is Nero. This will be something that you have to buy unless it came bundled with your DVD burner. This tutorial will look at using Nero to duplicate DVDs although the process with different pieces of software is very similar.

Step 2: Recode

Nero is a suite of CD and DVD burning applications which all do a different job. When duplicating DVDs the tool that you should use is Recode. This can be used to copy part of a DVD or the entire DVD. Select "Copy Entire DVD" if you want to copy the whole thing.

Step 3: Loading the DVD

With the DVD in the drive and recode loaded click on the "Import DVD" button which is in the middle of the screen. Then select the DVD drive in the dialog box and click ok.

This will make a list of DVD contents to appear o the screen. The content will have a number of different labels including Duration, Size and Content to help you make your decision. You can then tick a checkbox which says "Fit to Target" to make the video fit onto the disc.

Step 4: Duplicating

Put a blank DVD into your drive and click the next button to start the process. If you don't have two separate DVD drives in your computer then you will need to wait while the files are copied to the hard drive before putting a blank disc inside. The temporary files need a minimum of 5 GB.

Step 5: Writing the DVD

Once you have selected everything that you want to include on the disk then you should click on "Burn." This will start the burning process and begin to burn the contents of the DVD onto the blank disc in the other drive.

If you are trying to duplicate copywrite protected DVDs then there is a good chance that this will not work. To copy protected DVDs you will need additional software to decrypt the files so that they can be copied.

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