Old Video Cameras: 3 Ways Standard Definition can Still be Useful

Just because something is old, it doesn't mean that it's useless; old video cameras are a prime example of this fact. While many new cameras support high definition, there are plenty of reasons why you might still want to use your old standard definition camera to shoot footage.

1. Smaller File Sizes

The biggest reason that many people are continuing to use standard definition is because the file sizes are much smaller. This is understandable because the resolution of these videos is so much smaller. If you are planning to upload the videos to the Internet, then it is probably better to stick to standard definition footage for now. Even though many people have broadband connections capable of downloading these large videos, it will quickly eat up your bandwidth. This will make it very expensive to run your site. The smaller file sizes also means that you can fit more videos onto the media without it filling up too quickly.

2. Editing

If you plan on editing high definition video footage, then you will need a state of the art computer. You simply can't use a regular computer for editing HD video because it will have a nervous breakdown. Standard definition on the other hand is much easier. This is easier to edit on virtually any computer. Editing SD videos is less taxing on your computer's equipment.

3. Compatibility

While most computer made in the last few years are fully capable of playing back HD video, not all are. If you have a little netbook, for example, then this will probably choke on high definition footage. Instead, Standard Definition is the format of choice.