Names and Functions of Camcorder Plug and Accessories

There are different types of camcorder plugs out in the market today depending on the function of your camcorder and what plugs and accessories are needed. To use many of the camcorder's features, you may or may not need a cord or cable. Here are a few plugs and accessories you may need to use:

Microphone Plug

Some camcorders only have a small jack about an eighth of an inch in size, for a microphone. These jacks are similar to the ones on portable headphones. The microphone is good if you are doing a video you would like to narrate. If you want the audio to be of a higher quality, the built-in microphone is not what you should rely on. You can check your different mic options and decide on a mic based on the quality. They do come with wireless too.

RCA Cable (Component Video Cable)

You can use RCA cables to play back your videos from your camcorder on your TV or through your iPod. These cables connect a number of audio and video devices. For the camcorder, all three of the RCA jacks will be used. This gives the camcorder signal three separate channels, one for video and two for audio. That results in a higher quality transfer of sound and video.

USB Cables

Camcorder USB cables are the best method for transferring your video to a personal computer. This is also the easiest method. Once you do that, you are able to edit your videos on your computer. You can transfer still images to your computer as well. 

Camcorder Tripods

The tripod is an accessory that many camcorder owners invest in. They allow you to control your camcorder from a remote control (if this applies) while on the tripod. This prevents you from having to hold the camcorder the entire time since it is stationary. A tripod's height is adjustable.

Carrying Case

With a camcorder carrying case, you never have to worry about leaving your camcorder or its accessories behind. It has various compartments for storage. This case keeps you from having to handle each piece or accessory individually.

Blank Discs and Tapes

Blank discs and tapes allow you to record up to 120 minutes or more of your favorite parties or memories. You are able to edit and erase these disks and tapes. Some discs hold up to 21 hours of video. 

Skin Cases

These are in silicone and help to protect your camcorder from scratches or bruises. These cases are made where you can easily access all of the buttons and functions of your camcorder. The case is durable and does not tear easily. The silicone or rubber ones are easier to handle and not able to slip out of your grips easily. 

Rechargeable Battery Packs

These battery packs recharge your camcorder and have the ability to power your camcorder for up to over 6 hours. They usually work better than the actual original battery. With a rechargeable battery pack, you will never be caught with no power to your camcorder.

Popular Tripods: