Movie Making: 4 Tips for New Film Makers

To get started with movie making, you need to gather or rent the appropriate equipment. Try checking what your local school has available. If they know you are interested in making movies, they will usually let you borrow equipment, provided you show you are responsible and trustworthy with the equipment.

1. Join a Group

Try joining a group that is already involved in your area. Quite often if you go to the local library, you will be able to find a group or more listed there. Sometimes they even meet at the local library. These help tremendously, as the whole group is learning and they tend to share openly.

2. Check the Newspapers

Try looking in the local newspaper for drama groups or film groups, as they hold auditions for films they are creating and this is an excellent way to get started. It also can provide you with a way into the whole movie scene.

3. Demonstrations

Buy magazines and look for the adverts about upcoming events. Demonstration of equipment will always teach you more about the craft.

4. Community Colleges

Look for local community colleges that are holding short courses. This is a way to start without the need of special equipment (which can be fairly costly). The colleges usually have the equipment needed for movie making and will teach you how to use it.