Mini DV Tapes: Differences Between Each Type

Mini DV tapes are used by modern electronic media to record and playback digitally-formatted content. These tapes offer ordinary consumers a chance to experience the best in high quality, affordable digital storage. There are two basic mini DVD tape types: professional and consumer.

Consumer Quality

Mini DVD tapes of consumer quality are a good option for those who are using standard and HD digital video camcorders. These tapes are also used by those who simply wish to record audio content of a higher quality.

Professional Quality

Mini DVD tapes of professional quality are used when you need tapes that can produce high signal output (which are consistently durable and reliable). These tapes feature high power magnetic particles that are densely packed with special particle alignments. These are very durable tapes and are produced after passing strict quality controls. The main types of professional quality Mini DVD tapes are the metal particle and metal evaporated types. These tapes also make use of Sony DVCAM and Panasonic DVCPRO formats.


A premium grade consumer quality mini digital video tape is much cheaper than a professional grade tape. In some cases, the price difference can be pretty significant.

Though both types are different, they will allow you to record superior quality images and sound. At the same time, they are very affordable and also stable, and provide a good means of recording important events and moments in life. They are also small and can be re-recorded on. They will hold 60 minutes of superior quality video content.