Make Your Own Video in 4 Simple Steps

Thanks to modern technology, it's never been easier to make your own video. You probably own several devices which are capable of capturing high quality videos that you can then edit and burn onto DVD or upload to the Internet. This is a very simple process which shouldn't take long to learn.

Step 1: Choose What to Record

The first thing that you will need to spend time deciding is exactly what you are going to record. There are plenty of things that you can film. By deciding what it is you are going to film, it will be much easier to stay on track.

Step 2: Set up the Camera

Now you will need to prepare the camcorder so that it's ready to use. To do this, take the lens cap off and turn the camera on. It will be much easier if you put the camera onto a tripod since this will help to keep it perfectly level.

Step 3: Film

Press the button to start recording the video and wait while it is captured to the media. When you have finished recording, you can then press the record button again to stop.

Step 4: Edit

This is an optional step. It's easy to transfer the video to your computer and then touch it up using a variety of software packages.