Camcorder Operation Articles

How To Connect Your Digital Camcorder to Your Computer

Connecting your digital camcorder to your computer has become the standardized next step after shooting. Since video has become digital it is now easy for anyone to take their footage and edit it at home...[more]

How to Change the Camcorder Digital Photo Dimensions

The guidelines below will teach you how to change the camcorder digital photo dimensions. Many people do not realize that their digital camcorders are also able to take still digital photographs. In order to be guaranteed...[more]

How to Record off a TV Using a Camcorder

You can use your camcorder to record television programs simply by connecting the camcorder to an audio / video source such as the television, cable box or satellite receiver. You use the corresponding jacks on...[more]

How to Clean Your Camcorder Lens

A dirty camcorder lens will ruin your shot and compromise your video work. If your lens becomes dirty you should clean it immediately. However, you need to be extremely careful because lenses are very fragile....[more]

How To Use the LCD Screen on a Digital Camcorder

In 1992, Sharp Electronics was the first company to introduce LCD screen on camcorders. Prior to this the only way to see the image you were recording was through the eye piece of the view...[more]

How To Use the Viewfinder on a Digital Camcorder

Digital camcorders typically come with an LCD screen and a viewfinder. Although, many new camcorders are being made without the viewfinder as some people don't see it as being important any more. While LCD screens...[more]

Transfering Camcorder Video to DVD Using a USB Connection

After editing, your camcorders video can be transferred to a DVD with just a few clicks of your mouse. Once transferred, you can make copies to give as gifts. This is a great way to...[more]

Taking and Viewing Still Pictures on a Camcorder

A digital camcorder is a multifunctional device that can take still pictures in addition to making videos. Still pictures can be viewed at a later time and can be added to video during the editing...[more]

How To Use Image Stabilization on a Camcorder

Image stabilization is an important, yet over looked feature on digital camcorders. It's designed to eliminate a shaky image caused by a shaky camera. Shaky cameras can be caused by a few different things. The...[more]

Determining the Color Performance of a Camcorder

Buying a camcorder can be a fairly costly investment. You want to be absolutely sure that this is the right camera for you before committing to it. Unfortunately, your options for testing the performance are...[more]

Playing Back a Recording on a Camcorder

Whether you're shooting your child's kindergarten play or a feature-length film, you're going to want to play back a recording on your recording camcorder. This could be done on location or it could be as...[more]

6 Care Tips for Your Camcorder

A camcorder makes it possible to record videos of all sorts of special events. It's also a brilliant way to make money profitably. In order to use your camera reliably you will need to follow...[more]

MiniDV vs. DVD Camcorders

If you're deciding which camcorder to buy then you've probably already heard about dvd camcorders. These are more expensive than MiniDV camcorders so are they really worth the extra outlay? Well that will depend mainly...[more]

MiniDV vs. Hard Drive Camcorders

There are lots of different types of camcorders available that  suit different types of people and different budgets. Hard drive camcorders are some of the most expensive but also the most convenient to use. MiniDV...[more]

Hard Drive vs. DVD Camcorders

Some of the most popular types of digital camcorders are hard drive camcorders. When you're shopping around for a new camcorder you might be surprised to learn just how many different types there are. It's...[more]

Charging the Battery of Your Digital Camcorder

Keeping your digital camcorder battery fully charged will ensure that you can record videos for as long as possible. Your digital camcorder is a useful device which can capture video. Without power though, it's no...[more]

5 Tips for Your Internal Camcorder Microphone

Most camcorders with a microphone come with an internal microphone, so that you can record sync sound with your video. While this comes in handy a lot, you should not rely on it if you...[more]

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